TheGoodLife_RB website posterThe Good Life is the latest feature film to be produced by Redd Bone Productions. This unique blend of comedy, drama, and life choices make this a story that anyone can relate to. By the end, they will have laughed, cried, felt, and even feared for the characters they would have come to love. Michael “Mikey” Hamilton is a man who has been in search of “the good life.” After an unusual set of circumstances nearly lands him in jail, Mikey decides to put the past behind him and start fresh. He begins this new lease on life with a new love interest, Alicia. Love, it seems, is his catalyst to a better life. But when this new way of living takes Mikey and his entire family on a paradise vacation, questions begin to emerge. What lies beneath this seemingly perfect exterior? Mikey is leading a secret life. It is a world filled with seduction, drugs, wealth and power. And as he begins to move up in life, he is lured deeper into this dark, dangerous world. Fabian, the key to Mikey’s future goals, takes him to a new level. Mikey’s life begins to soar, and it seems that nothing is out of his grasp. But, when his younger brother Kevin attempts to join this world, Mikey must choose between his family and his new lifestyle. As the decision looms, he is forced to answer the question, “What really is ‘the good life?’” buy_now_button



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