Alexandra McManus

When it comes to passion, Ali takes the trump card. Her Zeal for life drives her. She is motivated by a love for connecting with people and solving problems. Thus it is clear why she is the perfect fit for the redd bone team as the director of sales and marketing. 


Kenneth Desvigne

Taking an Interest in film production earlier in life, Kenneth has immersed himself in directing, producing and writing for TV. He’s equally comfortable behind the camera, serving as lead camera operator when called upon.  Kenneth’s artistry and work ethic have landed him the position as one of Redd Bone’s lead producers.


Andrew Benson, Jr.
Sound Engineer

Drew Benson takes part in the recording, mixing and reproduction of sound.  Drew creatively uses technology to produce sound for film, radio, television, soundtracks and more.  He also has written music, and mixed and mastered sound for both movies and TV shows.

Pastor Bryan

Bryan Trosclair

Since his early college days, Bryan has immersed himself in film production.  His resume includes having produced live multimedia experiences and movie shorts, along with a feature length film.  Here at Redd Bone, Bryan oversees the whole process from pre-production through post-production.  Bryan has embraced the company’s mission and helps create media that brings your story to life.

Ian HinesIan Hines

Writing being one of Ian’s passions, he has taken part in writing full scripts for recent movies, TV shows and sitcoms.


Jestin QuiettJestin Quiett
Technical Engineer

Jestin is the head of the technical department at Redd Bone.  As such he’s the on-set call guy for equipment issues.  Jestin also manages rigging, electrics, logging, software or just about any other issue related to production.


Derek KingDerek King
Camera Engineer

Derek King has worked with cameras since his teenage years, gaining experience in television, sitcoms, commercials and film. Over the years, he has perfected finding the million dollar shot.  Derek has since filmed three full length featured films, being one of the top camera engineers here at Redd Bone.


Karen King

Karen King

With over twenty years of experience in editing and film, Karen King has not only experience but also an eye for digital edits. She creatively works with layers of images, dialogue, music and pacing that make the story come to life.


Chris DavisChris Davis
Graphics Designer

Chris Davis is the head graphics designer at Redd Bone Productions. Chris uses the art of graphics to create and to combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Chris’ portfolio includes thousands of designs in both digital and print media.


Mike Gavion

Michael Gavion
Production Manager

Michael Gavion is the Productions Manager. Michael is literally the glue that holds the team together.







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