Red Carpet Movie Premiere “THE GOOD LIFE”

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STUDIO180 and Redd Bone Productions are hosting a glamorous Hollywood-style red carpet movie premiere of long-awaited feature film, “The Good Life.”  The movie stars New Orleans native heartthrob Robert McGill, Jr and tells the gritty story of the consequences of choices made in pursuit of the “good life.”  Everybody wants the good life but nobody counts the costs.  Such is the case for many of our youth and young adults living and surviving on the streets of New Orleans.

Filmed on-location in New Orleans and Cancun, Mexico, the producers feel as though New Orleanians deserve to have the very first look at what critics call a “movie with a strong message that has the potential to change the lives of many of the youth and young adults living in the city of New Orleans.”

Post link: Film New Orleans Website

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